Single Origin Colombia



Processing Fully washed
Region Huila
Town Los Pinos, Santa Maria
Station Finca La Estrella
Cupping score 86.5
Taste notes roasted Hazelnut – Grape – Apple – Caramel



At Finca La Estrella (Spanish for stars), Diego Andrés Camacho Osorio shoots for the moon with his
excellent Fully washed coffees. Located in Los Pinos in Huila, Finca La Estrella sits at 1,800 meters above sea
level, creating the ideal conditions for cultivating sweet, dense cherry. Diego capitalizes on these superb conditions with quality-focused processing that preserves and enhances the flavors of his coffee.

Diego is a part of Manos al Grano, a non-profit organization founded in 2021 to support coffee pickers. Manos al Grano provides training for coffee pickers and legalizes their work by paying them legally through a bank. Laborers also receive benefits like
health insurance and a pension.

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Bonen, Gemalen voor espresso, Gemalen voor filter


250gr, 500gr